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Impressive custom-made qamis

The qamis is an unmissable garment in the muslim countries: indeed it is the traditional outfit which a lot of men use to wear everyday. Originally destined for going to the mosque, it quickly became a daily clothe. That is why it has to be easy-to-wear and suit perfectly those who wear it. But it is not always easy to find the rare gem, especially if you live in a country where the muslim culture is not very common.

Why customizing your qamis?

The qamis is a very popular traditional outfit in the muslim countries: that is why it is so easy to find in these countries. However, it is harder to find in France and in Europe: indeed there are few stores which sell it, and the usually sold qamis are made following a standard template and with an incomfortable fabric. So they are unappropriate for many men, who absolutely do not know where to find a qamis which perfecty suits them. So customizing your own qamis is the guarantee of having a clothe which is perfectly designed for your measures, that you will be able to wear everyday. You will also have a qamis you like, made up of a fabric and a shape you will choose.

Where to find high quality customized qamis?

The website named hase been created thinking to the men who do not find what they look for with a standard qamis: indeed it enables the customers to create and entirely customized qamis. So you will be able to choose the shape of your garment, the fabric you want it to be made, and the finish details like the collar of the closing system as well. Once your choice is complete and your measures are sent to the tailor service, you just will have to wait for about two weeks to receive your own customized qamis. They are entirely hand-made in an Emirati workshop, and they are highest quality. So you will have an individualized qamis, with an irreproachable finish.

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