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A customized kamees in less than 10 minutes!

You need a light and easy-to-wear qamis you could wear everyday but you do not find what you are looking for? You want an entirely customized qamis which would perfectly suit you? You have to attend a special event and you want to customize your qamis for the occasion? Thanks to custom qamis, it is possible: indeed you have the opportunity to design a clothe just like you!

The complexity of finding a suitable qamis

The qamis is a traditional clothe that a lot of muslim men use to wear all over the world: whether it is called djellaba or boubou in Africa, whether it is made up of a pair of trousers and a long hooded jacket in the Middle East, the qamis can be very different according to the country. Whatever the name or the place, it is designed to be worn daily: so it has to be flexible enough to be comfortable, and resistent to last. However, many men enconter the same obstacle: impossible to find a qamis which perfectly suits them. Indeed the most of qamis are designed following a standard pattern and with a quite unbending fabric. So they are oftenly uncomfortable-to-wear, and it is difficult to accommodate yourself with it.

Find your made-to-measure qamis very simply

If you are part of these man who are not satisfied with the usual qamis offer, do not hesitate to turn yourself towards the made-to-measure design: on, you are able to entirely create your own qamis just in a few clicks. Firstly you have to pick the shape of your qamis, and the fabric you want. Then you have to choose the kind of collar and the closing system (zipper or buttonhole), and the kind of sleeves as well. You also are able to add some pockets. Finally all you need to do is check your measurements and send them to the tailor design service. You will receive your customized qamis in a about two weeks. So easy !

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